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July 08, 2007



I like Ravelry well enough, but it's not going to be a substitute for blogging for me. Two wholly different things... I think! Or maybe I'm just not the "typical" Raveleuse.


I have a quick question for you and couldn't remember your email address: I had a bad thing happen to one of my skeins of kauni yarn when I was winding it. It had a tangle or a knot in it from the factory or something. Suffice it to say I could not do anything to get it out, only made it worse to the point of losing half a skein :-( boo hoo! Anyway, I think that leaves me with 390 grams of yarn, hence the question. Will this be enough yarn to make the large size? I really don't want to order more of the rainbow EQ color if I don't have to being that the skeins are so big. I appreciate the help in advance. Thanks, Danielle


Oh, just cast on for the scarf. It's always good to have a "mindless" project or 2 in the works.

And I'm still waiting for my Ravelry invite, because I need another time-sucking project in my life :-)


Everyone has gone to ravelry, I'm still blogging. I just haven't made the jump yet. Cute sweater :p


It's funny you say that about the competition for time between blogging and Ravelry. I have a Bloglines list of maybe 100 blogs, and I really enjoy keeping up with them, yours included. But since Ravelry--I dunno. Things will have to change. :)

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