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July 31, 2007



Happy Birthday! You should come to Madrona this year and take the Bohus class from Susanna(fun teacher). Ruth(Kauni Cardi, Ruth) will be coming too! She is going to stay with me and we are going to have a blast!


btw, just wanted to add that I didn't mean to put bag but back in my comment, I'm working on a sweater for my daughter and I shaped the neck as for the left side when I was working on the right side (duh!) LOL!


Happy (early) birthday :) I'm so glad that your error proved to be only a small one, whew! I guess we both had a visit from the froggy today, I made a vital mistake and had to frog bag painstakingly for 6 rows, doesn't seem like much but I had to be overly careful :(

P.S. I love waiting to open packages, it just makes it more fun:)!!


Happy Birthday...sorry you got stung! Open the bohus!!


Well, happy birthday indeed, Miss Margaret!


That's a wonderful present- much better to wait for the actual day.
I have that Fergie the frog- do you think there's a reason I chose the frog?


Ah, a Bohus. But which one? I just had a birthday too. Gee, wish I had thought of a fibery desert like a Bohus. I love the Green Apple.

Your 'Bee' shawl looks wonderful. Knitting with the yellow yarn would brighten any day.

Happy Birthday to you. I wish you much happiness.


The shawl looks beautiful so far! And lucky you! What a great B-day present, to make a bohus! I can't wait to see photos.

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