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May 12, 2007



The Point has the Addi Lace Needles?! I'm so there tomorrow! But, must remember to resist novely yarns. (Though your "score" really would make a very attractive throw.)


I can certainly see the attraction. Alas, I'm personally not a fan of the novelty yarns, preferring smoother fibers.
Boring, I know.


Happy Mother's Day!


Your 'score' looks like something I would fall for, too! ha, ha.
What I do to bring out what I loved about novelty yarns in the skeins, is I combine them with solid color/smooth texture yarns. I think what you have would look awesome if you separated narrower bands of each with a consistent dark color that picks up the darkest tones (like a deep chocolate?) Like 8 rows of solid alternating with 4 rows of novelty.
Please continue to share photos of your creation with these beautiful yarns!

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