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January 30, 2007


cathy goldman

Hi! I am at least on the sleeves of this beauty. And one of these days I'll my Dh's as well.....Hi from Florida, where it's beautiful!


That is one beautiful sweater. I haven't seen that Hanne design before.

And the model isn't bad either! If that gentleman looks like your DH, he is certainly a handsome fellow, especially wearing that sweater.

Good luck with it.


Definitely worth finishing - Maybe it will open new "vista"s in your knitting ;-)

(sent from a MAC)


I agree -- the guy in the photo does resemble your dh. At the risk of giving said dh a swelled head, I'll agree with Betsy that he's better looking than the guy in the photo.


Looks wonderful! Keep at it. Followed the link and the model is less attractive than your dh. Occurs to me if you don't like the zipper, a henley neck would be easy to do instead. Have fun with it. l, B

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