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June 09, 2007



MY NY age was 39--the same age I am in real-life. LOL!


Hmm, I'm NY 28. Not sure what they base their calculations on.

I've had one of those big moths come in through my a/c one summer. Your fiber is safe from them, but they're annoying when they flit in front of your computer while you're reading :-)


i came back to comment and let you know i was here! hahaha!
i've been visiting since you first made contact with me the other day . ..

Susan P

Swat him then plead self defense.

Blessings from a non-member of the Insect Defense League!


My NY age was 29 :-)


That's not a clothes moth; it's far too big. Clothes moths are really titchy, usually less than 1/4 of an inch long, and they are a dull colour, like a dark splinter. Usually the only time you catch sight of them is when they're whirring by - they have quite a distinctive flight. Fairly easy to catch in mid air, for both humans and cats.

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